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Posted By :    Susan Blaicher (
Posted : 6/25/16
Comments : It seems each time Dr. B. leaves town, one of our own pets has a medical emergency :( Today, Sylvia had a "squinty" eye. I am so happy and grateful of Dr. Amy Zahn and our wonderful staff here to help me in my hours of need!! Diagnosis: Corneal abrasion! Thank you to our BVHC Staff for treating our Sweet Syl.

Posted By :    Barbara Baglan (
Posted : 5/6/2016
Comments : thank you for everything throughout our many years together ! A more family oriented compassionate friendly vet does not exist !! Thanks Again you are like family to us 

Posted By :    Maria Alfano  (
Posted :    8/12/2015
Comments :    Dr Blaicher is the most kind, knowledgeable and trustworthy vet I could ask for my pets. He is equally wonderful to the pet owner - always returning calls and answering every question. We have been with him for years and he has done everything from routine vetting to tumor removal to knee surgery. He is simply the best.
Posted By :    Laurie and Tommy Welsh  (
Posted :    4/15/2015
Comments :    Found Kurt by accident almost 30 years ago when he took over the practice in Plfd/Middlesex. He and his great staff have provided loving care to a long line (10) of beloved pups. HE IS THE BEST!!
Posted By :    Nancy E. Ban  (
Posted :    2/9/2015
Comments :    I got my 1st & only dog almost 13 years ago & was lucky enough to have my daughter-in-law's vet recommend Dr. Blaicher to me. There is really not much I can add to what the above patients have already said, except he is EVERYTHING they say & more. If there were more honest, caring, brilliant doctors like him, we would live in a much better place. If you truly love your pet, he is the doctor for you. He is truly one in a million and his staff is just as kind, competent, & special as he is. It was convenient when he was 5 minutes away, but he is WELL WORTH the the drive. Much luck & success in your new location.
Posted By :    Marianne & Greg Gerhartz
Posted :    10/7/2014
Comments :    We have been lucky enough to have found Dr B and followed him to his private practice, which is not close to us, but worth the drive! Our pitbulls, Bonnie & Clyde, both underwent knee surgery and the quality of care they received and the kindness extended to us was really appreciated and has kept us coming back, we highly recommend Dr Blaicher,
Posted By :    Valerie Haboush  (
Posted :    2/12/2014
Comments :    I've been Dr. B's client for many years, have had multiple dogs in his care, and have trusted him with several surgeries. He has always been extremely caring, accessible, and willing to go out of his way to help. Though I wish he were still five minutes away in Plainfield, I am happy to follow where he goes in NJ. Can't wait to see your new-and-improved place with "the girls"!
Posted By :    11/25/2013  (
Posted :    11/26/2013
Comments :    We took Bella to see Dr. B for her annual shot(s)and he was wonderful. We felt really comfortable with him! Best of luck to you both. We visit again in December and Bel can't wait!

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