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Our Staff

Susan B., Practice Administrator:Susan B., Practice Administrator:

Kurt and Susan met in 1984 in a revolving door, and started going around together....but, seriously... Susan began working at an animal hospital at 16, as a kennel attendant, and has since worked as a receptionist, groomer, veterinary technician, and office manager. In 1984, Dr. Blaicher performed a pericardectomy on Susan's dog "Spanky," (he lived 2 more years!), and, in return, she acquiesced to marrying him!

Kurt  and Susan opened what she refers to as "The Mom and Pop Animal Hospital"- the Animal Medical Group of Plainfield, in 1987. Susan worked there with Kurt until 1991, when she became a stay at home mom to their daughter, Dana, and their bevy of dogs, cats, and birds. Outside of work and home, Susan enjoys spending time with the other man in her life, her horse "Caktus Joe."

Susan is looking forward to working with her favorite veterinarian again, and will be serving as Practice Administrator at BVHC.

Lori S., Manager/Veterinary Technician:Lori S., Manager/Veterinary Technician:


Debby H., Receptionist:Debby H., Receptionist:

Debby has worked with Dr. Blaicher as a receptionist for more than 30 years, but has known him for over 50 years (she's his "younger" sister). Debby loves cajoling the pets into doing things they're taught not to do at home, like put their feet up on the front desk to beg for treats. She also loves meeting the owners the pets bring in with them. Debby is a bit of a computer-wiz, and is very helpful when hard- or software runs amuck in the hospital.

Debby has been married for 40+ years, and she and her husband, Jack, have twin daughters that are grown. 

In her off-time, Debby enjoys the outdoors, especially the shore, and enjoys reading or walking on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and just admiring the surf. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her grandchildren.

Jodi K., Receptionist:Jodi K., Receptionist:

Jodi joined us in 2017. Even though growing up she always wanted to be a teacher, having a dad who was a veterinarian kind of led her to this field. She grew up working in her fathers practice (Jodi is Dr. Latchers daughter!) and started tech-ing for him in her late teens.  One of Jodi's least favorite things working within the veterinary field is abscesses! Per Jodi "They are gross!"

In her spare time, Jodi enjoys cooking, going to the gun range and spending time with her family. She also LOVES  going to Maine, it is her favorite place. If she could go every week so would. Jodi and her husband share their home with their 2 children Erin and Justin. Along with their fur-babies Claymore, Ellie, Kimber and Sabrina. 

Dana P., Veterinary Technician:Dana P., Veterinary Technician:

Dana joined our practice in 2017 has been a veterinary technician for 15+ years. When Dana was younger, she always wanted to work with animals. If the veterinary field did not work out for her, she was determined to become a police officer and work with-in the K-9 unit. She loves being a technician because she likes to know that she is in a position to be able to help someone's pet who is very sick or and injured. 

When Dana is not taking care of your fur-babies she is spending time with her family, baking, attending tricky trays and traveling to other countries. 

Alyssa K., Veterinary Technician:Alyssa K., Veterinary Technician:

Alyssa joined our team in 2020. She has always had a passion for the well being of animals with a soft spot for orange cats and freckled dogs. After adopting her first cat with a diagnosis of HCM she made it her life’s mission to work alongside animals within a medical field. Her favorite part about being a veterinary technician is being able to make animals feel better and to hold them close when their owners can’t.

In her spare time she likes to go on weekend trips up north, hike, go to concerts, and cook

David G., Veterinary Assistant:David G., Veterinary Assistant:

David has also worked with Dr. Blaicher for 20 years, as a kennel attendant and assistant. He and "Dr. B" used to engage in competitive dog-lifting  (to see who could lift the very heaviest of dogs in the hospital), but the advancing age of both competitors has forced an end to that. David is a wonderful guy, and has a "way" with dogs that owners frequently marvel at. David also possess a super-power that we take advantage of frequently: if anything is missing, misplaced, or otherwise AWOL in the hospital, David will find it!

David lives in Stewartsville, with his Miniature Pinscher, "Lassie."  

Rebekah B., Veterinary Assistant:Rebekah B., Veterinary Assistant:

Rebekah recently joined our practice as an assistant. She is currently enrolled at Rutgers University as an Animal Science major on the pre-vet track and plans on becoming an avian veterinarian. Rebekah is a bird mom of 2 green cheek conures (Bat and Kaida), 4 budgies, and occasionally a cockatiel when she is bird sitting her brother’s bird. Rebekah’s love of animals also extends to her two red-eared slider turtles and large plecostomus/suckermouth catfish.

In her free time, you will usually find her curled up with a book, online shopping, hanging out with her siblings, or singing her heart out on karaoke!

Kyle W., Veterinary Assistant:Kyle W., Veterinary Assistant:

Kyle joined our team in December 2021 and has worked with animals his entire life. Growing up he would house sit for his aunt who owns 5 dogs, 6 cats, 2 birds and a rabbit. This instilled within him a love for animals that grows each day. 

He loves big dogs that don't realize just how big they are. He has extra love for pitbulls, bulldogs and German Shepherds. Being able  to directly help heal your pets always brings a smile to Kyle's face. He looks forward to helping everyone that he can.